Sennheiser Headphone Repairs

Investing in a solid pair of headphones from Sennhesier shows a real commitment to your music. So we understand how frustrating it is to lose the music when your headphones die or break. Our techs will repair your headphones in a timely manner while rocking out to a little Bob Dylan.

Sennheiser headphone models we repair

The models listed below are just some of the models that we can fix. Please contact us if you don’t see your model below.

Noise Cancelling Headphone Models:

  • PXC 250-II
  • PXC 310 / PXC 310 BT
  • PXC 360 BT
  • PXC 450
  • MM 450 / MM 450-X
  • MM 500-X
  • MM 550 / MM 550-X

In Ear Headphone Models:

  • IE 60
  • IE 80

Wireless Headphone Models:

  • RS 160
  • RS 170
  • RS 180
  • RS 220
  • Around the Ear Headphone Models:

    • PC 350
    • HD 500A
    • HD 558 / HD 598
    • HD 600 / HD 650
    • HD 800

    Don’t lose your investment. Send them to us and get back to the music.

    This is the fine print that says “Sennheiser” is a trademark of Sennheiser Electronic Corporations. We are not affiliated with or endorsed by Sennheiser.

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