Next Steps

Enjoy FREE SHIPPING BOTH WAYS and get your headphones working again in 4 easy steps:

1 – Request a FREE prepaid shipping kit  > CLICK HERE                 

2 – Simply put your headphones in the prepaid shipping box and drop them at your local USPS office.

3 – After arrival and inspection, we’ll notify you by email. Then your headphones get fixed!

4 – We’ll ship them for FREE back to you after payment has been received (PayPal or Credit card). 

If you prefer to SHIP THEM FOR YOURSELF for speed the process of the repair, we have 2 options :

A – Just fill your information and write on the field “Problem Description” after the problem was described : “JUST SEND ME THE SHIPPING LABEL” and we will email to you the FREE SHIPPING LABEL  >  CLICK HERE

B – Just package them along with this form to print: WORD or ADOBE (our address is included in this form), and ship them in the career of your choose.