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Thanks for being interested in our repair services!  If you follow the steps below, we can get you back to the music.

It is not necessary to contact us before sending in your headphones as long as you provide a packing slip with your information on it.  Is only one of your speakers producing sound?  Sound going in and out?  Broken Beats headband on black, white, or red headphones? Headphones not turning on?  We can fix those, just send them on in and we’ll get you taken care of!

Note: In-ear/Ear-bud repairs are limited to audio plug repairs.  In-ear headphones frequently break at the ear piece/speaker or control and we cannot repair those types of breaks.


Step 1 – Print out a packing slip for your headphones and fill out the details download it here :  (PDF Version) or  (DOC Version). Please include this paper with your headphones when you ship them.


Step 2 – Ship your package!  Our address is on the shipping form you printed out in step 1.  We recommend using a small or medium flat rate box from USPS. Make sure to securely wrap the headphones with bubble wrap (if your cable is detachable, please send it too).


Step 3 – When we receive your headphones we will inspect them and notify you if the cost of parts needed is over $30.  All of our repairs have a base rate of $55 plus parts and take 14 days to complete (when parts available). 


Step 4 – Our technicians will repair your headphones!



Step 5 – We will send to you the invoice payment after the repairs are done, ( By PayPal or Credit Card ) and you have 60 days to pay.



Step 6 – We will ship it back to you.  Return shipping is already included in the price of the repair (continental USA).


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