Frequently Asked Questions

“What’s your shipping address?”

Matrix LLC , Inc.286 S 600 E Suite A Provo, UT  84606

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“What will my headphones look like after they are repaired?”

For many repairs, your headphones will look exactly the same. For others, we have to use an equivalent part. Meaning, a silver jack instead of a gold one. If the repair is more extensive and involves replacing plastic pieces, then we’ll try our best to match the colors but may not always be spot on.

“Will the repair void my warranty?

First, always contact your headphone supplier about warranty work. For non-warranty work, such as user damage from sitting on them, then we can help. Our repair work shouldn’t void your warranty, but we advise always checking with the original manufacturer or retailer first.

“How much do parts cost?”

The cost for parts varies depending on the headphone model. Before performing any repair, we will contact you to get your authorization for the price of parts. You will never be caught off-guard by any hidden costs. We just don’t believe in those.

“How long will the repair take?”

We guarantee a 14 day turn around time. That does not include shipping times as they may vary.

“What if the headphones don’t work after you ship them back to me?”

Then please contact us. The shipper, usually FedEx, may have damaged them. So we may need to file a claim with the shipper. Either way, we’ll get your headphones working again.

“How does the warranty work?”

We provide a FREE 90 day warranty on all of the repairs that we perform. If something that we fixed breaks, then just contact us and we’ll arrange to have the item shipped back to us and repaired.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are you affiliated with any of the headphone manufacturers?”

We are not. Original manufacturers are often costly to work with. To save you money, we work independently.

“Why should I use you guys?”

Because we have Craig. Why should that matter to you? Because Craig is awesome. He can fix pretty much anything. And the other repair techs aren’t too bad either.

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