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Unit won’t power up, noise cancellation won’t work, right or left blown out speaker, battery, wire or main board corrosion, broken headband or swivel, torn up ear cushions, unbalanced sound. We specialize in fixing these issues as fast as 24-hour turnaround.

While these headphones are designed to handle some rough use, they aren’t indestructible. They can become damaged or stop working unexpectedly. Some of the most common issues faced by headphone owners include:

Common Issues on Bose™

  • BATTERY CORROSION : Leaving the batteries for a prolonged time causes acid leaks, damaging wires, contacts and electronic circuit board.
  • BLOWN SPEAKER : Hard use of the headphones at high volume causes the speakers to blow out.

Types of Issues That Need Bose Headphones Repair Services

  • No Sound In One Ear – If the right or left speaker on the headphone is damaged, you might need a speaker replacement. Our experts will open the damaged component and determine the root cause of the problem before fixing it.
  • Damaged Headphone Jack – Headphone jacks can become worn down and dull after frequent use. This can distort the sound or cause other problems with the headphone’s performance. We offer expert Bose headphone jack repair Our team will closely examine the headphone to make sure the jack is the cause of the problem.

  • Damaged Component – If any component of the headphone is damaged, we will replace it with good-quality Bose headphone repair parts. We make sure the repair parts fit in well and the headphones work perfectly before sending them back to you.
  • Corrosion Caused By Batteries – If unused batteries are left inside the headphones for too long, they can cause extensive corrosion. Our Bose headphone repair specialist will remove the corrosion, repair the circuit, or replace the component to eliminate the problem.
  • Distorted Sound – Distorted sound can happen for a number of reasons. As an established headphone repair shop, we know how to find the real reason for the problem and fix it.
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